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Some people look at Myanmar (Burma) and admire its spiritual sites, where Buddhist monks in orange saffron robes pray in ancient golden pagodas. Others see nature trails, where time stands still and lush vegetation grows freely. For us, Myanmar will always be the birthplace of spinels and rubies, a country more precious than the gemstones emerging in its womb.


A treasure hunt in the ”Valley of Rubies”

Without a doubt, a highlight in our gem sourcing journey was Mogok, one of the most famous ruby sources in the world. The ancient city and its surrounding area hide impressive treasures in alluvial gravels rather than the old, forgotten mines. Besides spinels and rubies, we’ve also spotted star sapphires, imperial jade and peridots. The colourful gemstones are sold in the city’s markets and it’s absolutely incredible to see them in their diverse natural environment before they evolve into the fine jewellery pieces in our shop.


How a new chapter was born

We felt blessed to continue a tradition that started in 1667, fuelled by a sense of adventure, ready to create a chapter of our own. It was a journey that went beyond sourcing delicate gemstones ethically and from local vendors, it was a journey that we’ve experienced with all of our senses – we’ll always remember the colourful markets, the taste of the fresh street food, the friendly locals telling stories about the sacred white elephant, the ultimate symbol of a powerful and prosperous kingdom.