LEYSER Bespoke Altschliff Diamond Collection

0.93ct Cushion Brilliant Y VVS2

(6.12 x 5.62 x 3.52mm)

This vintage stone has exceptional brilliance and a very warm colour saturation, bordering on a fancy color grading. With the proper setting around the stone, the color of the stone could probably be enhanced to look more intensely yellow.

1.15ct Old Mine Fancy Brown VS2

(6.69 x 6.02 x 3.25mm)

This stone is antique inspired with a very deep, impactful color saturation. Unlike some of the other stones in this selection, this shade of brown is more of a cognac or chocolate tone. The diamond has a high crown and excellent brilliance.

1.01ct Hexagonal Step Cut L VS2 (GIA #2223531495)

(9.74 x 4.77 x 2.56mm)

This modern gem has a very sleek, elegant silhouette with full facets and excellent brilliance. GIA Certified.

1.09ct Oval Fancy Light Brownish Yellow VS2

(9.02 x 5.48 x 3.13mm)

A beautiful, vintage style oval with chunky facets and elongates shape.

Beautiful antique inspired stone with a golden/honey colored tone. The stone looks much larger than its carat weigh would suggest and it has a very nice price point for its visual appeal.

1.07ct Emerald (Asscher) Cut G VVS2 (GIA #2225539148)

(5.73 x 5.41 x 3.81mm)

This vintage asscher cut has a beautiful facet pattern an excellent brilliance.

GIA Certified. This is a vintage step cut diamond, probably circa 1970s. The appeal of this stone is the elongated corner and octagonal shape.



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LEYSER Bespoke Altschliff Diamond Collection –

A fine selection of various vintage cut diamonds in warm colour saturations and fancy color gradings.

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