Angela was born in the fashion capital of the world Milan. Surrounded by design & beauty her love of creating jewellery began as a young girl creating treasures with beach glass gathered during summer vacations on the Amalfi Coast.

She continued to pursue this passion at one of the world’s most esteemed design school in Florence and eventually gained an internship in product development of a well-known fashion brand.

With an ever-expanding interest in the origin of gemstones, Angela was drawn to Leyser where she now continues her mission to create original and timeless pieces.


Jewellery is about more than just accessorising. Every piece should be made with great inspiration and care because it has the potential to be one of the most important possessions a person owns.

Our gemstones connect us to the history of the earth and more importantly, the memories and milestones in our own lives. They should be crafted into exquisite treasures that can reflect the beauty of these moments for generations to come.

Angela’s artistic style is an eclectic blend of cultural influences. She travelled the world to gain inspiration for her designs. These influences can be seen in her work that is reminiscent of everything from Moroccan mosaics to the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.