Leyser 950/ Platinum 38.79ct Paraiba Tourmaline Briolette Diamond Drop Pendant

950/ Platinum (9.90g) Pedant, set with:

1x fine Paraiba Tourmaline (Briolette-cut, 28x20x10mm, 38.79ct)

1x Diamond (Brilliant-cut, 1.65ct, round 6.8mm, G/P2)

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Leyser 950/ Platinum Pedant set with 1 fine Paraiba Tourmaline (Briolette-cut, 38.79ct) + 1x Diamond (Brilliant-cut, 1.65ct).

Paraiba Tourmalines are very popular and rare gemstones. The color is electric neon blue/greenish and has a kind of fluoreszens caused by copper inside.

This effect gives those stones a magical glow and “lightning in the dusk”, inside & out. A gemstone that truely turns heads.

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