Thomas granddad ran gemstone mines in Brazil and secured the supply of rough stones to the lapidary shops in Idar-Oberstein and built one of the leading companies in the region.

Being able to source some of the most precious gemstones, he established a passion for also creating finished jewellery pieces.

Today he manufactures a luxurious collection of fine jewellery in accomplished quality and supplies exquisite jewellers around the world.


A critical component from Thomas is the harmony of gemstone and precious metal. With great respect for the most precious elements on this planet, he creates wearable jewellery for the modern women in a design with a in neoclassical timeless effect.

A stimulus for eyes, skin, heart and mind.  Only skillful hands of a qualified goldsmith turns a design into an accomplished shape. Setting the gemstone in its bed of gold and platinum requires the highest precision and compassion.

Women wearing his jewellery cherish his pieces for their lasting value and joy.