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In ancient times, Romans believed that volcanoes were chimneys to Vulcan’s workshop and from the earth’s fiery core, the mighty god created powerful weapons. Whether you believe in the mythological god of fire and crafting or not, the art of creating precious gemstones begins in the earth’s interior. After a volcanic eruption, red-hot rocks are carefully selected by nature only to start their sumptuous metamorphosis.


The artistry and passion of the Leyser atelier

Just like butterflies, precious gemstones need to go through several stages to complete their metamorphosis. The first involves the artisanal mining of the still rough minerals, followed by the cutting, polishing & carfully facetting of these gems by talented lapidaries in order to ensure a fine balance in symmetry, colour & lustre.

The steps that follow relate to the overall look of the jewellery piece by carefully sketching a design, forging the refined gold and finally mounting the gemstones into its setting. It’s an elaborate process and Leyser´s fine gemstone jewellery atelier craftsmen are passionate about every single step.


A fine green tourmaline that speaks to the soul

The final stage of metamorphosis is putting this wonderful gift of nature on her delicate finger, allowing its hypnotic hues to complement her eyes. A jewellery piece is the perfect declaration of love – timeless, pure and always one of a kind (at least with the only natural gemstones that we are using)!