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From the fierce, mysterious look in her eyes to the delicate sparkle of her bold jewellery pieces, nothing can dim the light that shines from a confident woman. She is the independent powerhouse who isn’t afraid to voice her believes, dream big and make herself a priority. The kind of woman we all admire and other women aspire to be – unique, majestic, adventurous and free.


Mix & Match

This weekend Leyser paired up with make-up artist Greta Mua and portrait photographer Carlos Cordero to create a beauty shoot for the woman who exudes confidence and matches her positive energy with the hypnotic hues of natural coloured gemstones. Sophisticated and bold, just like the woman wearing them, the fine jewellery pieces using different coloured beryl crystals are statement pieces on their own. Matched with the fire in her eyes, the spectacular gemstones enhance her story of empowerment and show that this woman allows herself to enjoy the beautiful things in life.


Superwoman X Superpower

Confidence is a trait that is best matched with accepting who you are. Find the perfect jewellery piece that reflects your personality and you too can be the superwoman you always wanted to be.