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Frequently found stargazing upon precious gemstones, they follow the arrival of new collections with an eagle eye. Leyser’s clients have an insatiable appetite. A ‘gemstone diet’ rarely lasts, convincing themselves they will invest in ‘just one more.’

Leyser’s gemstones are renowned for the evocative hues of colour, each is one-of-a-kind. The ethereal colours reflect the natural elements of nature; from glaring orange sunsets, serene cerulean blue skies, the piercing emerald-green glow of a firefly and translucent rosewater to name but a few. A kaleidoscope of colours is on offer, a ‘fresh’ and ‘energetic’ colour palette is adhered to. Clients spin the wheel of colour and enjoy adding unique gemstones to suit their mood. Each exquisite gemstone is renowned for the high-level cut of the stone and the signature cocktail rings are typically set in a halo-band of 18k gold, although every product can be made completely bespoke. Leyser’s signature cocktail ring is a rectangular cut, a monumental gem. Twinkle in your peripheral vision, it certainly will.


Feel wonder in your hands

These evocative jewels leave women feeling empowered and strong. The wearers hands attract eyes around a room and can be conducive for a certain ‘frisson’. These rings suit women who are both eccentric and discreet and those that choose to wear them tend to emanate an air of confidence and charm.

The well-heeled often choose to wear the oversized gemstone rings for a Summer garden parties, lunch engagements or to ‘trip the light fantastic’. Many wearers struggle to prize them off as there really is no occasion they cannot be worn. A jean- and-jewels attitude is a contemporary way of dressing during the daytime. Although raising the hemline of a skirt attracts attention, a demurer way of making a statement is through a ring with pizzazz and personality.

In a world where ‘buy less invest more’ has become part of a sustainable ethos, purchasing key statement pieces that will last a lifetime and transcend the generations is a natural choice. Key statement pieces of jewellery are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. Investors of the gemstone rings cherish them and appreciate the rings for will last for a lifetime and not diminish in value.

These ‘lighting bug’s’ will lure you into temptation…