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“You have to admire this jewellery business, which remains proudly independent and utterly committed to the beautiful coloured gemstones that have so enchanted the Leyser family for centuries.” quotes Katerina Perez.

We were beyond pleased that one of the leading jewellery industry experts wrote an article about our atelier (see her “Who is Who” spotlight section).


Finest coloured gemstones

As Katerina correctly points out, it is our mission to adorn women in the finest coloured gemstones. See follwing some fine examples as Taylor & Liz model our jewels at the lakeside of Zurich and Como.

Atelier for bespoke requests

Last but not least see follwing some tailor-made engagement ring our atelier had the pleasure to be commissioned for:

We would be delighted to meet also any of your bespoke jewellery & gemstones needs.

With best wishes,

Sebastian Leyser